Weekly Walk July 29 2009

Weekly Walk

pastel lilyMy corner of the Earth is so lush right now! It seems things are coming faster than I can photograph and/or eat them!

hosta 2


Big Yellow Perennial closeup
There are wild flowers as well as things I have planted.

LOTS of wild asters

lots of wild Asters


englemans ivy

This below is Engleman’s Ivy, and grows everywhere around here. I think it is spectacular! Its form is lovely during spring and summer and fall, in summer it gets clouds of blooms and then in fall turns a stunning red.


Black Raspberries are spreading, sown by the birds every year as they sit on fences.

purple flowers in grass

These grow all over in the grass, hugging the ground and avoiding the mower. I love to see a subtle carpet of them on the lawn.


Weird and Wonderful Wildflowers

Don't know what these are, but they are sure weird and wonderful!

wild flowers in creek

These fill the creek during summer, and don't always bloom. This year we are in luck, although they seem to be blooming at different times rather than en masse as before.











Plant Lady

3 thoughts on “Weekly Walk July 29 2009

  1. The pictures are wonderful, thank you. I believe the unidentified “weird and wonderful” plant in the picture is spotted knapweed, an invasive plant. Pull it(root and all) before it comes to seed.

  2. Hi PlantLady, I’m just ‘strolling around’ the blogosphere and realized I haven’t visited you in ‘ages’!! Your wildflowers are just lovely…I wish I had the land to have some. I kind of need to stick with specific perennials here in my ‘suburban’ neighborhood. You take wonderful photos and your collages look great! I probably should make mine a bit smaller, as I use up a lot of ‘space’ with my larger photos! Hope August is going well for you;-)

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