Vegetable Garden Project Completed!

Phase 1, Projects

Well, we finally finished the raised bed portion of the new veggie garden, which we have been calling phase 1. What a big undertaking it has been – like most of my landscaping projects it was more work and money than I planned on, but I am glad we stuck with it! The next phase is to put grape vines and raspberries in the other half of the field, where it is still that unrepaired from the ploughing.

Here is phase 1 of the project from start to finish:

A lonely little paddock dreams of being a garden.

veggie garden dreams
The farmer ploughs the paddock.
Farmer ploughs the field

We spend countless hours repairing the soil surface in preparation for building the beds.
fixing the damage

We build and place each raised bed as we prepare a spot for it, and I plant my seeds in each as I get the soil prepared. building beds and prepping soil

We place landscape fabric and bark chips on all the paths between the beds. bark chips and fabric go in

I start eating lettuce, spinach, radishes (a surprise bonus plant from a “spicy salad mix” of greens), chives, chard and the spicy salad mix of strange and definitely spicy greens. I start eating

Some plants go to seed so that I can save the seeds as part of the Seed To Seed Challenge hosted by One Green Generation. some plants going to seed

Other plants are not identifiable yet – I don’t know if they are weeds or the seeds I planted! Next year I shall mulch any open spaces without seeds so that it is clear what is something that I have planted and what is something that grew by itself. I did notice that one common weed I could identify was covered in aphids while the veggies have none. I left lots of those weeds in the beds as free integrated pest management!

 I have not watered any of the beds and don’t intend to – I want to see what is tough enough to succeed without coddling so next year I make my life easier and only plant those types.

I noticed that some boxes in general grew better than others and I think this was due to the timing of the seed planting. The very earliest and the very latest beds don’t have much happening at all, which I think was from rotting before they could sprout in the earliest sowings, and from being beat out by the competing weeds before they could really get going in the latest sowings. I will be planting ALL my seeds on the optimum days for that next year based on this year’s research.

phase 1 completed 1

All in all, phase 1 is a success! Phase 2 begins soon….

Plant Lady

5 thoughts on “Vegetable Garden Project Completed!

  1. That looks absolutely fantastic! Waht a massive endeavour. I wish you lots of joy and produce from your new patch:-)

  2. Wow! What a big project. You really created something amazing.

    I think you are really smart to do your research and observations right away to make the garden more efficient next year.


  3. And here I was all excited about my three little beds. Your garden looks great! I’m trying to get second bed planted today, but I’m so worn out from painting from a ladder yesterday. These pictures are motivating me to get back out there!

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