Weekly Walk July 22 2009

Weekly Walk

As the puppy dragged me about the farm, I managed to snap a few pictures this week. And do a lot of stumbling….er….jogging too!

I think this is also a type of Vetch, it grows everywhere all over the farm, intertwining with everything around it. The patterns of the leaves and the stems are so elegant when you look up close, but from farther away it is just a tangled blob and has no real impact because the flowers are so small.

vetch 4


vetch 2


 If you get wounded while lost in the counbtryside, you can cover the wound with a burdock leaf and then use the long stems of the vetch to bind the leaf to you.




 The Joe Pye Weed has formed a big patch, although it is hard to get too close to it and take some photos. Hmm, maybe I need a new lens…

Joe Pye Weed Patch
joe pye weed closeup

clematis 1     clematis 2  I planted a Clematis Tangutica about 4 or 5 years ago, and for the first time, there are some flowers! I am thrilled, and hoping that next year it might even grow up the side of the little garden shed it is beside.

An Ontario wildflower I am quite fond of is the Queen Anne’s Lace. It fills the roadsides and fields, and can be quite beautiful when viewed up close although in Ontario we seem to take it completely for granted.  It really does remind you of lace!  Sometimes the buds are tinged with a pink blush but they lose this as they open and become snow white. They are generally about 2 inches in diameter, but sometimes they can reach 6 inches across! The one I photographed here was about 4 inches wide, so quite large. Please don’t take my word for it alone, but someone told me you can eat the roots if you are lost in the wilds.

Queen Annes Lace Bud  Queen Annes Lace
At the end of the day of my walk, I saw a bat flitting about in the sky with the moon as a backdrop and couldn’t resist trying to capture his picture.

Bat and Moon

Plant Lady

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